Terms and conditions of use

Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully. They contain important information regarding the User's civil and fiscal rights and obligations. They include various restrictions and exclusions, as well as obligations relating to compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

1. Definitions

"Listing": Refers to the Car Owner's listing of one or more Vehicles offered for rent via the Website, the App or the Services.

"Renter": Refers to an individual wishing to rent and be the main driver of a Vehicle for a short period.

"Car Owner": Refers to an individual wishing to rent out a Vehicle that he owns, without a driver.

"Member": refers to a User who has accepted the Terms Service and the Privacy policy and is registered on the Website, the App, or the Services.

"User": refers to an individual using the Website, the App, or the Services.

"Vehicle": refers to a 4-wheel motor vehicle weighing less than 3.5 T, accommodating a maximum of 9 people. Motor homes are not accepted.

"RIDEMIND", "we", "us" or "our" refer to Movenow Technologies Pc , whose registered office is located at Veranzerou 5, Athens, Greece.

RIDEMIND provides an on-line networking platform (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Services") bringing together, on the one hand, Car Owners " and on the other hand, natural persons wishing to rent and be the only driver of a Vehicle for a a period provided fir in this Terms of Service (hereinafter the "Renters"). These Services are available via the "RIDEMIND" website (hereinafter the "Website"), and the "RIDEMIND" mobile app (hereinafter the "App").

The Car Owners, Renters and in general anyone using the Services via the Website or the Apps are referred to as the "Users". The Users and RIDEMIND are referred to together as the "Parties".

2. Purpose and contractual documents

The purpose of these Terms is to define the terms and conditions under which Users may access and use the Services.

These Terms are only intended to govern the relations between RIDEMIND and the Users. The relations between Renters and Car Owners are governed by the rental agreement. RIDEMIND is a publisher of networking software, and is not a party to the rental agreement between the Renter and the Car Owner. RIDEMIND does not rent out Vehicles or provide transport services of any kind either by the Website, the App, the Services, or by any other means, and has no activities other than that of connecting Users to each other for the purpose of Vehicle rentals.

The User represents that he has received all necessary information and technical features prior to accessing and using the Service.

Users may not access the Service without first reading and accepting these Terms upon registering with the Website and/or the App.

These Terms constitute the Parties' entire agreement regarding the Services at the time the User accesses and uses the Service. The Parties are bound only by these Terms of Service.

3. Modification

RIDEMIND reserves the right to modify the Website, the App, and the Services, and to modify these Terms, including the financial terms of the Service, at its sole discretion and at any time, without prior notice.

If the Terms are modified, the new version will be published on the Website or via the App, and a notification of the changes will be sent to Members at least 10 days before becoming effective.

Members may object to the new version of the Terms by email within 30 days of receiving the change notification. After this period, all changes will be considered to have been accepted. The change notification sent to Members will include a reminder of their 30-day right to object. If a User does not accept the new Terms, the agreement between us will be terminated and the User must immediately cease using the Website, the App, and the Services. Rental agreements executed within the aforementioned objection period are deemed to be governed by the updated Terms unless objection has been communicated in prior.

These Terms cancel and replace all previous versions.

4. Access and other conditions

a. Registration on the Website

The Service is only accessible to and can only be used by Registered Users on the Website and/or the App. To register on the Website and access the Service, Users must fulfil the following conditions:

The Car Owner:

The Renter:

In addition, and without prejudice to the obligations and conditions mentioned above, the Vehicle offered by the Owner upon registering for the RIDEMIND must meet the following additional conditions:

RIDEMIND reserves the right to accept or reject a Vehicle for any reason.

In the event the User provides false information, RIDEMIND may immediately suspend and/or cancel the Terms without notice or compensation. The User agrees to provide all of the supporting documents required by RIDEMIND upon the latter's request, and undertakes to regularly update his information.

RIDEMIND reserves the right to accept or refuse any registration on the Website and/or the App at its sole discretion, and without justification, and to suspend and/or remove the RIDEMIND profile of any User even if he does comply with these Terms.

In particular:

Any Member who displays inappropriate or disrespectful behavior towards other Members or other RIDEMIND Staff will be denied access to the Service.

b.  Login

Upon registering on the Website and/or the App, the User creates a RIDEMIND profile and chooses his e-mail address and a password associated with it (hereinafter referred together as the "Login"). The Login is personal, confidential and non-transferable.

The User undertakes to keep his login secret and not to disclose it in any form whatsoever. If the User's Login has been lost or disclosed, he must promptly inform RIDEMIND, who will then cancel and/or immediately update the Login.

Until RIDEMIND has been notified of the loss or disclosure of the Login, or of its having been accessed by a third party, the User shall be entirely liable for any use made of it.

RIDEMIND’s Privacy Policy is provided for for all Users in the Website and the App.

5. Definition of the Services

a. Linking

RIDEMIND provides a networking platform that connects Members looking for a Vehicle to rent with Members wishing to rent out their own Vehicle. RIDEMIND is an intermediary, and NOT A PARTY to the rental transaction conducted between the Members.

Vehicles may not be rented on the Website and/or the App between Members having a family relationship (parents, grandparents, children, siblings, grandchildren etc.) or living in the same household.

b. Rental agreement

RIDEMIND provides its Members a Vehicle rental agreement. A model of this agreement is available in electronic format via the Website and/or the App.

This agreement contain rules and provisions defining the basic responsibilities of the Car Owner and the Renter in order the rental to take place appropriately.

RIDEMIND is a third party to and is not bound by the rental agreement between the Car Owner and the Renter, and is therefore not bound by the obligations in the rental agreement and cannot be held liable for any violations thereof.

c. Payment Administration

RIDEMIND manages the rental-related payments between Users via its MangoPay payment gateway. They may also concern any penalties that one Member may owe to another under the Rental Agreement.

RIDEMIND's payment service will not intervene in the case of traffic fines or court decisions following disputes between Users after the security deposit is returned.

d. Insurance

RIDEMIND's Platform provides an insurance facility for rentals between Members.

With these insurance policies, the Car Owner may cover damage caused by Renters as provided for in such policies.


e. Security deposit

RIDEMIND withholds a security deposit from the Renter for rentals via its MangoPay payment gateway.

6. Availability of the Website and Services

The User can access the Website via the public URL https://www.ridemind.gr. Access to the Service requires the User to log on to the Website using his login.

The Website and the Service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure or the occurrence of an event beyond the control or the will of RIDEMIND. Interruptions may also occur due to breakdowns or to the maintenance and updating required for the proper operation of the Website and to provide the Service. The User is fully aware that the Website and the Service may be suspended for maintenance and updating at any time without notice and with no compensation to the User. RIDEMIND may not be held liable for rentals that are unfulfilled due to the unavailability of the Website or any part of the Website, even if the unavailability is attributable to an intervention by RIDEMIND on the Website.

The User may contact RIDEMIND by email or telephone for assistance using the Website and the Services.

7. Use of the Website and the App

a. Rental Vehicle Listings

Users can create Listings. Several questions are asked about the Vehicle concerned to create the Listing. Listings will be published via the Website, App and Services. Other Users can reserve the Vehicle via the Website, the App and the Services in accordance with the information mentioned in the Listing.

To be Listed, Vehicles must comply with all of the following conditions:

In addition,  owners accept that the car "Smart" is not insured for theft. 

The User understands and accepts that he cannot demand a higher price than Vehicles insured value as per insurance policies.

Users acknowledge that they are fully responsible for the Listings they publish. They therefore represent and warrant that no Listings or Rentals of Listed Vehicles by Renters violate any of the rules in force or agreements with third parties. RIDEMIND cannot be held liable for the violation of any agreement made between the Car Owner and a third party, or any breach of the Car Owner's other obligations to third parties, or any violations of applicable laws, rules and regulations.

RIDEMIND reserves the right to remove or disable access to any Listing at any time and without prior notice, for any reason whatsoever, including Listings that RIDEMIND, at its sole discretion, deems contrary to these Terms or harmful to the Website, the App or the Services for any reason whatsoever.

The Car Owner acknowledges and agrees that he is liable for all of his acts and omissions. The Car Owner acknowledges and agrees that RIDEMIND shall not intervene in his chosen rental price, which is the Car Owner's decision alone.

However, RIDEMIND reserves the right to remove a Listing, particularly if the rental price is less than the minimum provided for in these Terms.

b. Non-approval

RIDEMIND does not provide any guarantee for any User or Vehicle. These Terms stipulate that Users must provide accurate information.

Users agree that, in the event of damage attributable to another User or a third party, they will only hold liable the party that caused the damage, and take action only against them. All USERS AGREE TO NOT ATTEMPT TO HOLD RIDEMIND LIABLE OR TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST RIDEMIND FOR SUCH ACTS OR OMISSIONS.

8. Rental process

a. Linking

Renters can consult the listings posted by Car Owners directly on the Website or App using the search page.

Once a Renter has found a suitable Vehicle, he simply sends a booking request to the Car Owner.

Renters may contact the Car Owners via App or Website to request additional information after their initial request has been accepted.

The Car Owner is notified of the booking request by email and has the option to decide whether or not to accept the rental request:

Once the booking is confirmed between the Car Owner and the Renter on RIDEMIND, the Car Owner is obliged to honor his lease.


b. Before the start of the rental

Once the Service has put them into contact with each other, it is the Users' responsibility to carry out the necessary verifications at the agreed-upon Vehicle pick-up time, including:

The Car Owner may in no case turn his Vehicle over to the Renter if the latter fails any of these verifications. The Car Owner must refuse the rental if:


At the time of Vehicle pick-up, the Renter and the Car Owner verify fill in and sign the rental e-agreement together via the smartphone application. If execution and verification is not possible due to signal problems Car Owner and Renter should not start the booking process.

The Renter agrees to take the utmost care of the rented Vehicle and return it in the same condition it was in when he took possession of it. The Renter is liable for any damage caused to the Vehicle during the rental period, i.e. from the time he takes possession of it until the time he returns it. He alone is liable for any violations of the applicable traffic legislation that may be committed with the rented Vehicle during the rental period.

At the start of a rental, the Car Owner must deliver a clean Vehicle to the Renter.

c. During the rental


Renters are not allowed to extend a rental that has already begun.

Reporting an incident or problem

The Renter agrees to immediately report to the Car Owner any problems, breakdowns or accidents related to the Vehicle.

Use of roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is made available to Renters for rentals concluded via RIDEMIND. The assistance phone number is listed in the Website and App.

d. At the end of the rental

Upon the return of the Vehicle, the Renter and the Car Owner check the condition of the Vehicle and then complete and sign the check-out report in the rental agreement.

In the event of any damage, the Car Owner must immediately report the damage roadside assistance. Upon return of the Vehicle, and provided that the Car Owner has not opened a relevant claim (confirm pick up button is pressed), RIDEMIND will no longer be able to process the request. The insurance coverage will no longer be in effect and the Car Owner will have to deal directly with the Renter.

The Renter is not required to clean the Vehicle at the end of the rental, unless it has been heavily soiled.

If the Vehicle is returned heavily soiled, the Renter shall pay compensation to the Car Owner.

The Renter agrees to comply with the date and time of return agreed upon with the Car Owner.

If the Vehicle is not returned at the agreed-upon date and time, the flat-fee penalties may be levied in the name and on behalf of the Car Owner.

If the Vehicle is not returned by the end of the rental period, the Car Owner must notify RIDEMIND's customer service via App and telephone.

In the event of a puncture, the tyres are the responsibility of the Renter.

If the Vehicle has no spare wheel or device to change a flat tyre, the costs of the Vehicle repair service will be charged to the Car Owner.

After the Vehicle is returned to the Car Owner, the Users have the opportunity to evaluate each other on the Website.

RIDEMIND is not responsible for User peer reviews. RIDEMIND reserves the right to remove any review left by a User if it violates the laws in force, does not comply with these Terms or is defamatory towards another User.

9.  Terms and Conditions of the various Services

a. Rental agreement

RIDEMIND offers Members rental agreements for Vehicle rentals conducted via the RIDEMIND platform, but remains a third party to the legal transaction of renting a Vehicle (RIDEMIND is not a party to the rental agreement). This agreement is available in electronic format via the Website and the App.

The terms of the agreement can be found on-line at:


Penalties provided for in the rental agreement

RIDEMIND acts as an intermediary for the payment of compensation and penalties.

Payment of compensation to the Car Owner is subject to the Renter's prior payment thereof.

The Renter is informed that if the Car Owner provides proof of his liability, the compensation and penalties will be deducted directly from the payment method used for paying the rental. By accepting the Terms, the Renter unconditionally authorizes the payment of such compensation and penalties.

Following is the list of penalties provided for in the agreement:

Late penalties:

If the Renter returns the Vehicle later than the agreed-upon return date and time, he will owe the following late penalties:

Penalty for smoking in a Vehicle:

€50 (paid to the Car Owner) for smoking in a Vehicle.

Penalties related to Vehicle cleanliness:

€15 (paid to the Car Owner) if the exterior of the Vehicle is unusually dirty ; €15 (paid to the Car Owner) if the interior of the Vehicle is unusually dirty

Penalty for traffic tickets:

€15 as Ridemind's processing fee for any traffic ticket received by the Car Owner for an offence committed during the rental period , plus the amount of the traffic ticket.

Penalty for non-compliance with the terms or no-show at the rental start date and time:

100% of the booking price (paid to the Car Owner) if the Renter fails to appear at the date and time scheduled for Vehicle pick-up with the Car Owner, or if the Car Owner discovers at that time that the Renter is not in compliance with the Rental terms.

Return of the booking price (paid to the Renter) if the Car Owner fails to appear at the date and time scheduled for Vehicle pick-up with the Renter, or if the Renter discovers at that time that the Car Owner's Vehicle is not in compliance with the Rental terms.

b. Payment administration

In addition to security deposit charge, RIDEMIND makes the rental-related payments between Users. Users wishing to request RIDEMIND to make such payments, must be in compliance with all of these Terms.

The RIDEMIND payment service can be used indicatively for:

c. Insurance coverage and claims handling

If through his actions a User causes the insurance coverage to lapse, he understands that he will be held liable for any costs incurred and all of the consequences of his actions or omissions.

Car-rentals should not exceed 30 days.

Regarding the payment transaction the following conditions should be met:

Details of the insurance coverage and the conditions for this coverage are accessible on the Website and the Apps at https://ridemind.gr/assets/17_4940.1_ALLIANZ_Ridemind_guide_WEB_FINAL.pdf

For the Car Owner to be able to benefit from the comprehensive insurance coverage, he must absolutely report any damage to RIDEMIND before closing the booking and by calling Mondial Assistance and open a claim. Any requests received after this deadline will not be eligible for the comprehensive insurance coverage.

Without restriction, non-exhaustively, and without adding to or subtracting from its terms, the insurance policy provides that:

The insurance coverage begins at the time the Renter picks up the Vehicle (the date and time indicated on the rental agreement serving as proof) of rental reserved on the Website, the App or the Services.

The insurance coverage ends at the time the Renter returns the Vehicle to the Car Owner (the date and time being indicated on the rental agreement).

The insurance will not cover damage to the rental if the Renter picks up the Vehicle prior to the rental or returns it after the indicated time and date of return, even if the damage occurred during the rental period.

In the event of damage e.g. a traffic accident or theft of the Vehicle, the Renter must immediately notify the Car Owner, Mondial Assistance and RIDEMIND. If any individuals are injured or if the matter constitutes a risk, the police must be notified immediately.

In any event, the Renter must notify Ridemind and the owner immediately. Beyond this period, the insurance (and the reduced deductible) will not cover the damage, and all costs will be paid by the Renter. The Renter must never wait until the end of the rental to report the damage.

d. Security deposit management

A security deposit is held from the renter until the end of the renting period if there is no damage or claim or insurance deductibles. If there is a claim or a damage or insurance deductibles of any kind the security deposit will be given in order to satisfy these damages or claims or insurance deductibles.

The Services provided by RIDEMIND in the context of this feature are limited exclusively to:

The security deposit is charged upon the payment of the booking and is returned to the renter after the successful completion of the rental.

RIDEMIND will keep the security deposit in a third-party escrow account of MangoPay.

By using the security deposit, Users acknowledge and agree that:

The Renter expressly authorises RIDEMIND to charge the following amounts under the security deposit: €500

10. Financial conditions

 a. Rental price

The rental price consists of a daily rental price plus a per-kilometre price for extra kilometers.

The rental price is freely chosen by the Car Owner, provided that the daily rental price is not less than 29 Euros.

In order to provide Users the flexibility to manage special cases, RIDEMIND does not choose the daily rental price or the mileage price charged by the Car Owner.

It is the User's responsibility not to charge less than this minimum price. RIDEMIND reserves the right to refuse to validate rentals below this minimum price.

The Renter represents that he has authorized RIDEMIND to collect the different sums (rental price, security deposit, compensation and penalties) in the name and on behalf of the Car Owner.

b. Insurance premium

At the time the rental price is paid, RIDEMIND also collects the insurance premium payment on the Car Owner's behalf to cover any damage that may occur during the rental.

c. RIDEMIND's Service Fees

The total rental price for the Renter, excluding the security deposit, breaks down as follows: 70% of the rental price to the Car Owner

RIDEMIND’s fees for connecting the users is the rest 30% . The fees collected by RIDEMIND are the following:

RIDEMIND may suspend payment to the Car Owner if additional verifications are required.

RIDEMIND collects fees if the booking is cancelled before the time of the Vehicle pick-up.

The amounts due for cancellation will be paid by the User responsible for the cancellation. For more than 7 days before the booking starts the fees will be zero. For less than 7 days prior to the start of the booking the fees will be 50% of the total booking price. For less than 24 hours before the start of the booking the fees will be 100% of the booking price.

d. Management fees for damages

If the Renter is held liable for damage caused to third parties with a Vehicle rented on the Website, the Renter will be liable for €50 in management fees to RIDEMIND.

e. Breakdown Management fees

For any failure under normal use of the Vehicle by the Driver, the Owner is liable for € 100 to RIDEMIND fees.

f. Traffic violation management fees

The Renter is liable for €15 in management fees for any traffic ticket received by the Car Owner for a road traffic offence committed during the rental period to RIDEMIND for administrative costs. The management fee applies to each offence or traffic violation reported by the Car Owner.

11. Taxes


12. Changes to the service

RIDEMIND reserves the right to modify the characteristics and features of the Website, the App or the Service at any time. RIDEMIND will inform the User of these changes by publishing them on the Website or the App, or by any other means that RIDEMIND deems appropriate.

13. Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Article 16 (I) of the EU Directive on consumer rights No. 2011/83/EU and its respective local applications, Users do not have the right of withdrawal provided for distance and off-premises agreements.

14. Intellectual Property

RIDEMIND holds all of the intellectual property rights related to the text, graphic, sound, videographic and software elements, and all other types of elements on the Website, including the RIDEMIND brand, with the exception of information entered by Users. RIDEMIND alone owns the intellectual property rights to the Website.

The User undertakes not to infringe on RIDEMIND's intellectual property rights. The User may not use any of the Website's features, including printing, downloading and e-mail, for the purpose or with the effect of infringing on the intellectual property rights attached the Website and its components.

The User expressly undertakes:

The User's compliance with the obligations specified above constitutes an essential condition without which RIDEMIND would not have entered into these Terms. Accordingly, RIDEMIND reserves the right to suspend the User's access to the Website and the Service, and to immediately terminate his account without notice if the User does not comply with all or any of the obligations specified above, without prejudice to any damages that may be due to RIDEMIND or any other remedy that may be used against the User.

15. Limitations on and exclusions of liability

The Website and the Service are provided as-is. RIDEMIND cannot be held liable for the incorrect functioning of the Website or the Service, including their lack of availability. RIDEMIND has an obligation of means for the provision of the Service and the implementation of the Terms in general.

The User declares that he accepts the features and limitations of an online service, and in particular that he acknowledges:

  1. That he is aware of the risks of services provided on-line, especially in terms of response time
  2. That it his responsibility to take all necessary measures to ensure that the technical characteristics of his computer and/or computer network allow him to access the Website and use the Service
  3. That he understands that he is solely responsible for his access to the Internet
  4. That it is the User's responsibility to take the appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software from infection by the viruses circulating on the Internet or by any other electronic means

RIDEMIND grants no express or implied warranties regarding the Website or the Service. The User is responsible for his choice to use the Service.

RIDEMIND can in no case guarantee the solvency of the Users, including the Renters, even when the security deposit service is used.

As a business networking platform, RIDEMIND does not control the Users' identity documents or driving licenses.

The Users must check the identity of their contact, the documents of the Car Owner's Vehicle, and the Renter's driving license at the time the Vehicle is taken.

RIDEMIND also does not verify the information entered by Users in their Listings and evaluations. The User is deemed to be the sole author of the content of his listings and evaluations, and this content is his sole and entire responsibility. RIDEMIND may not be held αliable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or illicit information uploaded by a User.

RIDEMIND may also not be held liable for removing or rendering inaccessible any obviously illicit content uploaded by a User.

In no event may RIDEMIND be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that might be caused by the Website or any part of the Service, or by the unavailability of the Website or any part of the Service.

RIDEMIND's role is limited exclusively to the linking of Car Owners with Renters. RIDEMIND will never rent out Vehicles via the Website or the Service. Accordingly, RIDEMIND cannot be held liable for any damage suffered or caused by the Renter or the Car Owner using a Vehicle rented via the Website.

Without prejudice to the other provisions of the Terms and in accordance with the regulations, RIDEMIND may be held liable in the case of serious misconduct committed intentionally by RIDEMIND, its legal representatives or its employees. Similarly, if it is proven that RIDEMIND is directly responsible for endangering the lives of others. In general, RIDEMIND may be held liable for violating its essential obligations to the Users due to wrongdoing on RIDEMIND's part or that of its employees or legal representatives. In the event RIDEMIND is held liable for such violations, this would be limited to harm that is certain, direct and foreseeable. All other liability on RIDEMIND's part is excluded. The same exclusion applies to the personal liability of RIDEMIND's legal representatives and employees.

16. Termination

The Terms may be terminated by RIDEMIND automatically and ipso jure in the event that the User does not comply with his obligations.

The User may use the Service subject to compliance with the Terms and any applicable laws or regulations.

RIDEMIND may suspend access to all or part of the Service and/or terminate the Terms at its sole discretion, automatically and without notice if the User fails to fulfil his obligations or violates the rights granted to him under the Terms, or in the event of intrusion on the Website or adverse effects on its integrity.

Users may terminate the Terms at any time and without justification by closing their User accounts.

17. Miscellaneous

The Parties are independent from each other. No Party may make a commitment in the name and on behalf of the other Party. Each Party acts in its own name and on its own behalf. None of the provisions of the Terms may be construed as creating a company, mandate, or representative or employer-employee relationship between the Parties.

The Terms, including the rights and obligations stipulated therein, may in no case be transferred from the User to a third party.

If any provision of the Terms were proved to be invalid, the remaining provisions would not be affected by the invalidity of that provision.

If one of the Parties were to waive one of the other Party's commitments or obligations, this may not be interpreted in the future as a waiver of that commitment or obligation.

For the execution of the Terms, the Parties choose the following addresses for service:

18. Applicable law, jurisdiction, and mediation

The Terms are subject to law of Greece.

In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of these Terms, the Parties undertake to seek an amicable solution.

Any User that is a consumer as defined by the Consumer Code may appeal to the mediation service for consumer disputes related to the use of RIDEMIND.

Any consumer dispute may be sent to RIDEMIND (by email at: info@ridemind.gr) to search for an amicable solution before requesting mediation.

If no such solution can be found, the dispute shall come under the exclusive competence of the courts and jurisdictions of the Courts of Athens.

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