A car is an expense. Right?

Earn extra money

Stop seeing your car as an economic burden.
We've challenged this false perception and you can now consider your car as a supplementary revenue,
earned with minimal effort — and no surprises.

Stay safe with Allianz

Either five blocks or five hundred miles away, make sure your car is safe and sound, no matter what. Enjoy full insurance, signed and delivered by Allianz, and stay covered and carefree.

Make your car happy again

Sitting on the pavement or shut in a dark garage, even standing nude from its license plates, your car loses its value, deteriorates, rusts and goes miserable.
Get it back in the game and fulfill its sole purpose;
wonderful rides and memorable experiences.

Rental Calculator

How much can I make with Ridemind?* *

Your car's value

€  8500

Rental days per month?

5 days

Expected earning

€  3168 per year

How should I price my car?

With Ridemind, you are in control of the your cars rental price. When you set your rates, make sure you take into serious consideration your car's value, location and season standards. Be smart, fair and competitive and appeal to travelers from every corner of the world!

* Estimated based on average daily rental prices.

How do I get paid?

Ridemind will wire your earnings to your bank account within five days of booking completion. Your car's insurance coverage and miscellaneous platform's operational costs account for 30% of the rental price. So estimate your earning to 70% of total.

Start earning today.
Fair and simple.


List your car in Ridemind's community

It's free and easy. Upload a recent picture of your car, add a neat description, set availability dates and prices. Now wait for your first request!


Keep all options in hand

To rent or not to rent? Have the final say on who's going to ride your car or not, by accepting or rejecting the incoming requests from Rideminders all over the world.


Hand in the keys in person

Make sure your car is in good hands by meeting the renter in the arranged location and time. Have a pleasant connection, share tips and good-to-know's, and then off back home happy and unworried.


Pick up your car, safe and sound

While your car is away, rest assured it stays safe. Global insurance provider, Allianz, has your back the whole time. All you have to worry about is to be on time for the pickup!


Frequently Asked Questions for car owners

How do I list my car?

What should I consider during the rental?

What shall I do when I meet with the renter?

What’s the insurance and assistance policy?

How do I contact the roadside assistance service?

What should I do when I receive a rental request?

What's Ridemind's commission?

Are there any maintenance checks I need to perform before renting my car?

If you have more questions visit the Owner FAQs
or contact Customer Support

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